Personal Questions

How long have you been in Brisbane?

Lived in Perth for 30 years. I moved to Brisbane in July 2012 to have a look, it’s awesome. I love Australia!

Do you ever do sexual massages?

No. Fear not! ...Or disappointing news for some, I won’t be reaching for your genitals! The service I provide is NON-sexual professional massage.

Do you do ‘erotic’ massages?

Am I going to be naked for the massage? (Meaning you)

Depends on what you are comfortable with. Whether you're more comfortable partially clothed, or in your birthday suit, it is up to you. I can also massage people when they are fully dressed. While getting ready to jump on the table, I won’t be in the room. Towels of different sizes are on the shelf for you to choose from, there will be coloured bath sheets, which will cover you entirely and keep you toasty warm, regular sized towels, which are black, and a white half sized towel for a modesty cover. I also have no problem with nudity, so you have the option of skipping the towel draping all together if you so wish for warm days, as long as you are still respecting that it is a NON-sexual massage. I will drape a towel over you before you turn over and to blot the remaining oil.

Will you be naked for the massage? (Meaning Peter)

No. There is no reason or need for me to be naked while massaging, as much as you can think of reasons for it… It’s not going to happen.

What if I get an erection?

Relax. Or you already have started relaxing because it’s natural to get an erection during a non-sexual massage. For many guys, an erection is just their body's natural response to receiving soothing, nurturing and sensual touch. There was a whole section in massage school about it being a parasympathetic response to being massaged. Similar to nocturnal erections during sleep patterns. I understand this, and will comfortably continue with a professional massage session. An extra folded towel can be requested for more comfort.

What if I am overweight, have back hair, or I am embarrassed about my body?

It quite seriously does not bother me. You wouldn't believe how many times I've heard someone say they'd get a massage if they had a wax, lost weight first or didn't have that cellulite on the back of their thighs. We all have things we like and dislike about our bodies. Don't let this stop you from getting a treatment. My hydraulic table has a safe working load of up to about 165kg and about 400kg for a static load. For guys with body hair, I have balms that will glide over the follicles without pulling and irritating them.

What do I wear for the massage?

Clinic/Product Questions

Where is your home clinic?

Where do I park?

What can I expect from your home clinic?

You can expect a high level of service, my absolute best effort to help you conquer any acute or chronic conditions, in clean, neat and beautiful surroundings and if you wish to personalize your massage please click here and fill out your preferences to help make your massage experience wonderful every time.

Which towels do I use for the massage?

For the massage, just select from any towel that you see on the shelves. The large bath sheets are coloured and are across the top shelf. Regular sized towels are black and on the next shelf down with a half sized towel being white. It’s important to lay ON TOP of the towel that is already covering massage table as the blanket under this cover towel is microfiber, it just help stops the table covers from twisting when you roll over and you will get extremely sweaty half way through your massage if you lay directly on the microfiber blanket.

Where do I put the wet towels from the shower?

There are hooks that you can hang your wet towel either in the massage room or in the bathroom. I will sometimes quickly reset the massage table, for the next person, with new linen while you are in the bathroom; So please, If showering after your massage; do not place your wet towels on the massage table. On the chair or on the silver hooks works for me. If showering here before your massage, grab a second dry towel and don’t use the wet towel for your massage as it will quickly become cold being damp.

Do I need a shower before my massage?

Yes please. You are not required to shower specifically here if you do not wish to, but you will need to have had a shower recently before we begin the massage. It’s only $5 if you would like to use the shower, products and towels provided here. Plus it’s still only $5 if you want to shower before AND after your massage - provided you use the same towel from your first shower. Please be water wise though, if you normally take really long showers? Maybe wait till you get home so you can comfortably take as long as you like.

Can I move at all?

Of course you can! Stretch and get comfy whenever you feel like it. If I am moving your arm, leg or head etc, please do not help with the movement. Just stay completely relaxed and allow me to passively stretch your muscles. It helps me feel the quality of the muscle tension and pinpoint the location of any muscle dysfunction. If I need you to actively move your muscles I will let you know what to do at the time. Just relax.

Where do I put my Arms?

The armrest is located underneath your face when laying face down on the massage table. Alternatively place them on the table by your side. As your shoulders begin to relax, you may feel your arms may start to drift off the table. To remedy, just tuck your thumbs underneath your body. This will allow your shoulders to relax fully and your arms will stay put.

What is the Correct way of getting up after a massage?

I’m unlikely to be in the room when you are getting up so please, this is not the time to do sit ups. After a massage your muscles are all nice and loose; you will need to have a full sleep cycle before your body makes notes of all the changes that have been made. Just as a precaution, take care when getting up. You may feel amazing but will still need to focus on controlled and conscious movements. This is the healing time. Take it easy!

Where'd you go after a massage?

I feel it’s nicer if you are allowed to get up when you are ready. Sometimes if there is time I allow people to have a snooze on the table. So at the end of your massage I will quietly leave the room. Please get up into a sitting position and just sit for a little while before standing. Allow your circulation to re-adjust, have some water, have a shower and I’ll be waiting in the other room when you are ready to come out.

Sometimes the massage room door will be left open when I sneak out. This is because the latch that holds the door open is a little noisy when closing. The large privacy screen just outside the door will be across, so you will have complete privacy to move to the bathroom and back however you are. Don’t be afraid of the towering privacy screen falling over, it wont, just easily push it out the way like a door and I’ll be waiting somewhere on the other side.

What’s a hydraulic massage table? How does it work?

A hydraulic massage table is a table that is powered to move up and down at a touch of a switch. The surface that you lay on can be heated or cooled if needed and the head rest is fully adjustable.

What’s in the massage balm?

The balms contain beeswax, sunflower oil and apricot oil. It’s a solid till it touches your skin and then melts into a liquid. It is ideal for myofascial release massage and gripping for more precision massage.

What is a Chi Machine?

The Chi Machine ‘Chi’ or ‘Qi’ meaning energy; the Chi Machine enables the human body to gently move from side to side in a figure of eight (similar pattern to a fish swimming.) Maximizing the body’s natural absorption of oxygen, using all the movement orbits of the human anatomy. The program runs for about 5-­‐15 minutes and once complete will create a tingling sensation from head to toe. The sensation will last for as long as you stay still and will be more intense the longer your program ran for.

Benefits also include:

  • Lymphatic massage, thereby removing toxicity, which causes needless pain and disease.
  • Spinal alignment, poor posture correction, relief from back pain.
  • Reduction of nerve pain and muscle fatigue, thereby relieving pain debilitation.
  • Increased circulation, blood cell production and bone marrow activity.
  • Oxygen access to the lungs, oxygenation of the cells and the brain, thereby induce energy and mental focus.
  • Fine tuning of the autonomic nervous system, which relieves multiple health problems including sleep and relaxation, digestive problems and constipation.
Business Questions

Can I cancel my appointment via iCal?"

Do you offer healthcare rebates?

Yes of course. Here is the list.

Australian Health Management (AHM)

Australian Regional Health Group (ARHG)

Includes the following subsidiaries:

  • ACA Health Benefits Funds
  • Cessnock & District Health Funds
  • CUA Health
  • Defence Health
  • GMHBA (Includes Frank Insurance)
  • GMF Health
  • Health Care Insurance Ltd
  • Pty Ltd
  • Health Insurance Fund (HIF) WA
  • Latrobe Health Services (Federation Health) (No HICAPS)
  • Mildura District Hospital Fund
  • Navy Health Fund
  • Onemedifund
  • Peoplecare Health Insurance
  • Phoenix Health Fund
  • Police Health fund (South Australia Only)
  • Queensland Country Health Fund Ltd
  • Railway & Transport Health Fund Ltd
  • Reserve Bank Health Society Ltd
  • St Luke’s Health
  • Teacher’s Federation Health
  • Teacher’s Union Health
  • Transport Health
  • Westfund

Australian Unity

BUPA Australia Health

Includes the following subsidiaries:

  • ANZ Health Insurance
  • AXA
  • Bank SA
  • BUPA Australia OSHC
  • Cardmember Health Insurance Plan
  • HBA
  • HealthCover Direct
  • Mutual Community
  • St George Health Project
  • National Mutual Health Insurance
  • Previously MBF + MBF Alliances: NRMA, SGIC Health (SA), SGIO Health (WA)

CBHS Health Fund Limited

The Doctors Health Fund

GU Health



Medibank Private

nib Health

Do you have a HICAPS machine?

What’s the best time to book?

It’s best to book a few days ahead to guarantee you a spot. I offer a $10 discount for booking 3 days ahead on weekdays. I do accept massage appointments on the spot; if I’m free, but please don’t be disappointed if you find that I am already booked.

What if a massage wasn't quite what I wanted?

Just let me know, in person or electronically. I love feedback! I do a wide range of massage styles and have developed a personalizing system for designing massages to suit your preferences and style. The colour system gives me an idea to what massage styles you would like and what you are used to. Check it out

Where can I write a recommendation about my massage experience?

If you loved your massage and want me to stay in business, tell others by writing me a review! It doesn’t have to be long and I genuinely appreciate it.

Do you have EFTPOS?

Sure do! I have electronic banking facilities that accept VISA, Mastercard, and EFTPOS transactions only. (Just not Amex)

What hours do you work?

I can work any day of the week 8am till 8pm general starting times, including weekends. If you can’t make it between these times you can sometimes arrange earlier or later times in advance.

How do I get a discount?

You can receive a $10 discount by booking ahead on weekdays, by booking ahead, a $20 discount when someone first books in with me and mentions you and you can also find deals and specials if you like my Facebook page: peterhazemassage

How do I buy a gift voucher for someone?

You may pay for them via bank transfer or over the phone by credit card. Then have them posted out to you or to your recipient.

Organise a time to pick them up and pay for them in person. Cash, EFTPOS, credit cards accepted. Give me a call or email me.

Whats the best way to contact you?

Use this website to contact me, my hotmail has a junk mail filter for any address not already in my contacts so if you are newly contacting me , I’m unlikely to see the message straight away. Texting is also faster than voicemail messages as I can reply quickly outside of the massage room when someone is getting ready but I generally won’t be able to speak on the phone when I have a client here.

Massage Questions

Will a massage hurt?

That depends on the type of massage and the depth of strokes. A light massage that doesn't probe very deep into your muscles shouldn't hurt. At the same time, a light massage won't be able to work out any stress deep within those muscles. A muscle that is relaxed will be supple and soft and won't hurt when rubbed. Muscles that are tight, and in many cases have been chronically tight for a long time, may have that "good hurt" feeling with a deeper massage. Think of that "good hurt" as the feeling of release that you get when you stretch a sore muscle during exercise. Muscles can be very sore from tightness, overuse or stress, and that good hurt can become painful. A sharp pain may indicate a muscle that has been injured and has some sort of inflammation. In this case, you don't want the deep work to continue in this area and should let me know if the pain increases instead of decreasing right away. A deep massage with tight muscles may leave some residual soreness the next day, which can be resolved easily with light stretches and rest.

Everybody has different thresholds of pain. The depth of a stroke may not be deep enough for one person's liking and may cause pain for another. Some people want the massage as deep as possible regardless of the soreness. Others want something much lighter, more sensual and pleasing, to help them relax rather than deeper work that might be sore. So make your preference known to me, and give feedback at any time during a massage that the depth of the strokes is more than you'd like.

What parts of my body will be massaged?

Any muscles that you select on your personal form, before the massage begins. I have developed a selection process on my iPad so you can colour in a chart to indicate the areas that need the most attention.

When should I get a massage?

Any time is a good time to get a massage. You don't need to wait until you're stressed or injured. Too often I see clients who wait until they reach this state to see me. Massage works wonders as preventive care for a person's body and mind.

When Should I NOT get a massage?

If you have any of the following conditions, you should not get a massage:

  • Fever
  • Any type of infectious disease
  • Systemic infections
  • Severe cold
  • Fracture, bleeding, burns or other acute injury
  • Liver and kidney diseases
  • Blood clot
  • Pregnancy-induced diabetes, toxemia, preeclampsia/eclampsia
  • High blood pressure (unless under control with medication)
  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Open skin lesions or sores (I might be able to work around them if localized)

The guidelines here are pretty straightforward. You don't want the massage to make an underlying medical condition worse, and you don't want to pass anything contagious to me, the massage therapist.

If you're unsure about whether a minor condition should prohibit you from getting a massage, don’t hesitate to call me for a chat before your appointment.

What types/styles of massages do you do?

Click Here

Is Peter going to be chatting to me the entire time? Can I talk during a massage?

If you feel like it; of course you can, I won’t be talking much so that you can focus on relaxing. However, if we are doing a specific injury or remedial massage I will be asking for a lot of feedback. I find that if people are a little nervous or overly excited they like to chat and that’s completely normal and fine to disperse the feelings. Eventually I will want you to just focus on your breathing and bring an awareness to your body as it relaxes.

How often should I receive a massage?

The answer here depends on the reasons for receiving the massage. If a client comes for some injury relief, and to relieve chronic tightness that is interfering with their daily lives in some way, weekly sessions may be necessary for a while to build on each session's improvement in their relief and healing. For those who use massage as preventive care and managing the daily stress in their lives, once a month is about the norm. They may shorten the time between massages during stressful periods. Some come more often just because they enjoy it that much.

What should I do after a massage?

Especially for that day: Drink water, stretch and take it easy. Do NOT exercise till you have had a full sleep cycle. Your massage has made changes to your body that your body needs to make note of. Your checklist is processed when you sleep. If you go directly from a massage to the gym you risk injuring yourself. Your muscles have been told to relax and repair, allow them this time to do so.

What is aromatherapy? Does it cost extra?

Aromatherapy is the use of aromatic plant oils for psychological and physical wellbeing. All of my aromatherapy oils have been blended by specialists. You can choose your blend (if you would like aromatherapy) just before we start the massage. There are no additional costs for this service. It’s purely a choice of aroma or neutral products for your skin.

What is draping?

“To cover or wrap loosely with folds of cloth.” In this case it would be towels, sheets or blankets, to keep you warm and to keep you covered where it’s needed.

What’s a seated chair massage?

The term "Chair Massage" describes the type of massage that is performed while the client sits fully clothed in a specially designed chair. The head and body is supported, so the client can relax fully and it is great for massage in an office environment or if there’s not a lot of time to do a full body massage. (Upper body only)

What is a hot stone massage?

Hot stone massage is a specialty massage where I use smooth, heated stones, either as an extension of my own hands, or by placing them on key points on the body while I massage other muscles. The heat can be both deeply relaxing and help warm up tight muscles so I can work more deeply, more quickly.

Add on to your massage with optional heat therapy: Because massage can be a fine line between blissful release and over-worked aggravation for sore muscles, I can do all the deep work necessary first and then you can continue to relax the muscles with hot stones or hot steam towels. The steam towels are a pleasant way to remove the oil after your massage and the stones are brilliant for releasing heat for much longer.

“Basalt Stones are placed into a purpose-built Stone heater, which is filled with water. The water is typically heated to 40-70 degrees Celsius. Once the stones have heated sufficiently, some are placed onto specific points on the body (such as the back, hands, etc.) and others are held by the massage therapist and used to work the

  • Hot Stones sampler (4-8 stones) $5
  • Hot Stone “Full set” (20+ stones) $15 – or as many as I can smoothly use in your session as I have over 60 pieces. I can massage the entire time with hot stones but normally I use them after I have worked with just my hands and elbows.

How can I update my digital form details?

Your digital form will be displayed on the wall for me, every session to see so that if I forget any of your preferences I can check your form without stopping the massage or repeating a question while you are trying to relax - and feel free to add or change to the form; it will appear as a different coloured mark to the older form (if you have been before) so I will see any updates easily. If a dramatic event changes things please be sure to let me know before the massage begins

Can you explain the colour coded Massage Style choices in detail?

Remedial massage is for specific problems, that will require a posture/muscle assessment, testing, treatment and then retesting to make sure it’s resolved. This may require you getting up off the table from time to time to do functional exercises/ movements, to figure out which muscles are dysfunctional, lots of feed back and I will be talking you through everything during your session

To be clear, all of the massage styles are NON-SEXUAL. Sensual massage means that the massage will be flow in time with the music, I will not talk during your massage and will not break contact so that your nervous system will know where I am at all times, allowing you to drift into deeper levels of relaxation.

Clinical Massage, with minimal discussion from me, so you can relax, is economical with the massage strokes and will address just the points that are needed. This may interrupt the ‘massage flow’ to do so, which just means you will be a bit more alert during the massage.

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$20 discount for weekdays 24 hours in advance

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